Borewell Submersible Pumps 3" / 4"

Lubi manufactures wide range of Submersible Pump with the help of innovative technology and latest CNC machines. Lubi produces reliable and quality products. These water pump and motor are as per international standard like CE. The Submersible pump range is manufactured in different type of materials and thus is divided in different types which are Stainless Steel Submersible Pump, Cast Iron Submersible Pump, Noryl Submersible pump. 

Lubi offers Noryl pump in 3” & 4”. High operating efficiencies of Noryl pumpset result into high water discharge rate and lower power consumption. The pump sets are compact and slim & can be easily installed in narrow wells.

All pumps have been designed using computational fluid dynamics to ensure maximum efficiency.
All pumps are designed using material which can work with sand found in the borewell.
All journal bearing and impeller wear rings are made of nitrile rubber to ensure that performance of pumps remain the same over a period of time.
On all bronze impeller are available in stainless steel to provide high abrasion resistance to sand found in borewell.
All pumps are provided with upthrust bearing to control axial movement of the impeller assembly during transportation as well as start-up.
Low friction non-return valve is provided on all pumps to reduce water hammer when the pump is stopped.
All Impellers are individually balanced to G 6.3 of ISO.
The entire shaft is protected by stainless steel which can be easily replaced when they wear out during maintenance.
All components are machined using state of the art CNC machines to ensure high dimensional accuracy which gives a longer life to the pump.

Motor Body: Stainless Steel
Stator: Vacuum Impregnated and epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. Thick end laminations are provided to protect motor windings.
Rotor: Sand blasting and coated with polyurethene paint for corrosion resistance & dynamically balanced for vibration free smooth operation.
Windings: PVC / Polyester insulted, water cooled
Journal Bearings: Leaded Bronze and Stainless Steel, Water Lubricated, having high load bearing capacity.
Thrust Bearings: Special self-aligning and water lubricated to withstand high axial thrust loads.
Pressure Equalizing Diaphragm: Adequately sized to accommodate expansion of water inside the motor and prevent loss of cooling water.
Impeller: High quality abrasion resistant Noryl / Stainless Steel & dynamically balanced.
Bowl: High grade Noryl / Cast Iron
Wear Rings: High quality abrasion resistant P.U. / Rubber
Shaft: Stainless Steel of adequate diameter to ensure rigidity and ground to close tolerances.
Suction Casing: Provided with perforated Stainless Steel Strainer and adequately sized to allow the water to be sucked in with minimum friction.
Cable Sealing Arrangement: Designed so that no borewell water with sand can enter the motor.

Water supply
Fire fighting