Drum Pumps

The Lubi electric and pneumatic drum pumps are centrifugal and self priming pumps, which provides a safe and accurate way to transfer liquids from drums, containers, tanks and totes.
Pumps have vertical suction and horizontal discharge port.
These are lightweight, handy and extremely powerful devices suitable for transferring thin to low viscous, neutral or corrosive, aggressive & non-aggressive, non-flammable and non-explosive liquids. Designed for portable and static use the pumps are particularly suitable for intermittent operation.
The state-of-the-art design and high efficiency motors offer an accurate and cost effective alternative to the hazards of handling liquids. Modular concept design provides  interchangeability of Lubi various tubes of different material to the standard high speed Lubi
electric or air motor.
The drum pumps eliminate the need to turn over barrels or drums to remove the liquid inside.

These pumps are designed specially for drums, vats, totes, containers, carboys, open vessels up to 1.5 mtrs (60″) deep.
• High quality components
• Light weight, portable
• Easy to install, user friendly operation
• Ergonomically designed handle
• Safe chemical transfer, an alternative to manual –
minimizes danger of spills, vapors, burns, health,
environmental, liability concerns
• Pulsation free
• Inherent flooded suction
• Sealless design
• Operates by AC electric motor or pneumatic air motor.
• Few parts – maintenance friendly
• Pumps liquids with viscosity up to 750 cps
• Electric motors are available with speed control
• Limited dry run capability
• Flow rates to 104 l/min (27 USgpm)
• Pressures to 2.4 bar (22 metres of head)
• Temperatures to +88°C (+190°F).

These pumps are used for pumping out liquids from drums, barrels,
large storage vessels, stainless steel tanks, totes, etc.
Drum pumps are widely used by different sectors such as:
• Chemical plants
• Food processing plants
• Packaging plants
• Plating
• Semiconductor
• Waste water treatment
• Pharmaceutical
• Laboratories
• Automotive industries
• Agriculture.