Mud Pump

We bring forth for the clients precision engineered Lubi LBM Self Priming Mud Pump. This is offered in varied models & sizes and is provided in different industries such as thermal power plants, construction sites, chemicals and petrochemicals. Our product is provided along with interchangeable parts and is easy to maintain. The range offered by us is especially suitable for tile factories and marble factories for handling waste liquids.

Compact design
Easy and simple installation
User-friendly operation
low noise level
reliable and robust construction
reliable water supply
Rotating parts are dynamically balanced
Automatic Air release during priming
Non-clogging impeller flow design which can handle suspended solids upto 20 mm

Pumps available from 0.75 to 2.2 kw – Single Phase
and from 0.75 to 7.5 kw in three phase power supply

Motor and pump are close coupled in a convenient and compact design for quick installation in limited space.

The pump is fitted with a gland packing and single piece pump-motor shaft.

Mechanical seal shaft is available in 0.75 kw models.

The pump will re-prime itself even if partially filled with liquid and with completely empty suction pipe.

For pumpinf muddy water
Sewage and polluted liquids
dewatering of canals and ponds
Flood drainage
Sewage Plants
Sugar Plants
Thermic fluid circulations
Food processing plants
Pumping polluted hot or corrosive waste water containing sand, mud or solids