Borewell Submersible Pumps (6", 8", 10")

The Lubi Cast Iron Borewell submersible pumps are designed for 6″ (DN 150 mm), 8″ (DN 200mm) and 10″ (DN 250 mm) bore well pumps applications.

Cast Iron submersible Pump are made out of premium quality of raw material to ensure that pump is energy efficient, reliable and has a very long life. All components are manufactured as per international standard. All pumps are equipped with a reliable non- return valve to reduce water hammer & friction losses. Cast Iron Submersible Pumps are available from 4” to 10 “

All pumps have been designed using computational fluid dynamics to ensure maximum efficiency.
All pumps are designed using material which can work with sand found in the borewell.
All journal bearing and impeller wear rings are made of nitrile rubber to ensure that performance of pumps remain the same over a period of time.
On all bronze impeller are available in stainless steel to provide high abrasion resistance to sand found in borewell.
All pumps are provided with upthrust bearing to control axial movement of the impeller assembly during transportation as well as start-up.
Low friction non-return valve is provided on all pumps to reduce water hammer when the pump is stopped.
All Impellers are individually balanced to G 6.3 of ISO.
The entire shaft is protected by stainless steel which can be easily replaced when they wear out during maintenance.
All components are machined using state of the art CNC machines to ensure high dimensional accuracy which gives a longer life to the pump.

Ambient Temperature: +45 degree C
Installation Depth: 350 m
Water: 6.5 to 8 pH
Maximum Sand Content: 50 g/m3
Single Phase Power: 0.37 to 4 kW
Three Phase Power: 0.37 to 185 kW
Rated Speed: 2900 m
Insulation Class: IP 68
Supply Frequency: 50 Hz

Water supply
Fire fighting