Centrifugal Pumps

LBH Series
Lubi 2880 RPM Centrifugal Monoblock pumpsets are manufactured as per IS : 9079 with strict quality control for years of efficient and reliable operation.

LBL Series
“LUBI” 1440 RPM Monoblock pumping sets are specially manufactured to meet the requirement of Agriculture. The Impellers and volute chambers are designed for a wide range of total heads.
“LUBI” Electric Motors, Which are incorporated with the Monoblock are designed in “A” Class insulation and are suitable for large variations in line voltage. High silicon Steel laminations, Polyester Base Super enamelled Copper Wires and selected high grade Insulating material of best quality use into the making of these Motors. The Diecast rotors are dynamically balanced,
which ensures long bearing life and prevents Vibration, For multiple purpose fan end shaft is extended and fitted with flat pulley.

LBI Series
The Lubi LBI series are non-self priming, horizontal, single stage centrifugal, end-suction pumps.
Pumps are available from 2.2 to 3.7 kW in single-phase and from 1.5 to 11 kW in three-phase power supply. Motor and pump are close coupled in a convenient and compact design for quick installation in limited space. The pump is fitted with a maintenance-free, mechanical shaft seal and single piece pump-motor shaft. The pumps have axial suction port and radial discharge port.

Compact design
• Easy and simple installation
• User-friendly operation
• Low noise level
• Reliable and robust construction
• Reliable water supply
• Built-in motor protection, dry running protection
• Back pull-out design which simplifies inspection & maintenance
• CE marked.

For suitable liquids which are thin, clean, non-explosive, nonaggressive, not containing solid particles or fibers.
For water supply systems and irrigation.
For heating, cooling, air-conditioning and circulation plants.
For civil, industrial and fire fighting applications.
As pressure boosting pump for central water systems with low pressure (follow local specifications if increasing network pressure).