Lubi Home Pressure Booster Pump LPD 90 / 120 is totally automatic pump. While functioning, you don’t have to worry about any type of leakage. It produces less noise while functioning. The pump is made with durable materials, thus offering longevity to the pump. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about any wear & tear of the pump. Save considerable amount of time as it can be operated quickly. Above all, it offers utmost efficiency.

Totally automatic functioning.
No risk of leakage.
Noiseless functioning.
Plug & Pump.
Can be operated without wasting any time.
Offer efficient functioning.

Power Range : 120 W
Degree of Protection: IP 42
Ambient Temperature: upto 45°C
Pumped Liquid Temperature: 2°C + 110°C
Suitable Fluids: Cold & Hot water

Suitable for boosting the water pressure to hot & cold water for family use.
Boosting pressure of solar water heater”s water supply.