Lubi make LAP Series Drainage pump with wide angle float switch. Available from 0.5 HP to 3.0 HP (0.37 kW to 2.20 kW) For Slushy water, waste water without solids, sump drainage containing solids passage size up to 11 mm.

New design for light weight, elegant shape with best quality.
Unfastening the bolts between the oil casing and the upper pump casing allows the body to be separated for easy maintenance.
All pumps are furnished with double mechanical seal.
All pumps up to 0.75 kW have carbon/ceramic sealing faces at both water end and motor end.
All pumps starting with 1.5 kW and above have Sic sealing faces at the water end and carbon/ceramic sealing faces at the motor end.
Available with Sic/Sic mechanical Shaft seal for
pumping sandy water for 0.75 kW (optional).

Flow rate up to 1000 l/min. (60 m³/h)
Dynamic head up to 29 m.

2 – pole dry submersible motor
50Hz (n = 2900 RPM)
Single phase : 230V +5 – 15 %
Three phase : 400V +5 -15 %
Protection IP 68
Insulation class : F

Operating Conditions
Ambient temperature : Max. +50°C
Liquid temperature : 0°C to +50°C
Max. Starts per hour : 30 at regular intervals.
Duty Rating :
S1 – When pump is completely submerged.
S3 – When pump is partially submerged.

Slushy water, waste water without solids, sump drainage.
Drainage application, flood control.
Dewatering for fish pond or basement.