Lubi make LAS Series Heavy Duty construction Drainage pump available from 1.5 HP to 20 HP (1.1 kW to 11 kW) Suitable for dewatering at civil engineering sites and pumping of storm water.

Specifically designed for civil engineering applications, where a heavy duty, light weight, top discharge design, is required which is easy to handle.
The double outer casing, water cooled motor makes it particularly suitable for low water level applications.
A fully waterproof IP 68 stainless steel structure, combined with a high grade silicon carbide double mechanical seals.
The LAS range of pumps are compact, strong and easy to operate in any situation.
Special designed high efficient and wear resistant HCR (High Chrome) impeller.
Multi impeller design suitable from high head with small capacity to low head with large capacity of application requirement.
Optional discharge connection (Hose, flange and thread connection)

Flow rate up to 1,56,000 l/h (156 m3/h)
Dynamic head up to 57 m.
Ambient temperature : Max. +50°C
Liquid temperature : 0°C to +50°C
Duty Rating :
S1 – When pump is completely submerged or partially submerged.

Motor Specifications
400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase, 2850 RPM
Dry Motor with Automatic reset motor protector

Civil engineering dewatering of tunneling and ground works, also for storm water sewers.
Dewatering of fluids containing solid sediments.