Lubi make LBP Series Stainless Steel Submersible Effluent vortex pumps with wide angle float switch. Available from 0.5 HP to 2.0 HP (0.37 kW to 1.5 kW) For clean water containing solids passage size up to 40 mm.

Light weight, portable.
Made out of stainless steel AISI 304 sheet metal.
High quality mechanical shaft seal.
Class-F motor insulation which can handle higher
motor temperature.
Thermally protected motors which prevents motor
from burn out.
Vortex impeller designs to handle solids laden
sewage and/or fibrous substance.
A fully waterproof IP 68 structure, combined with
a high grade silicon carbide mechanical seal.
Permanently lubricated ball bearings.
Solid passage size up to 40 mm.

Flow rate up to 27,000 l/h (27 m3/h)
Dynamic head up to 14.3 m.
Ambient temperature : Max. +50°C
Liquid temperature : 0°C to +50°C
Duty Rating :
S1 – When pump is completely submerged.
S3 – When pump is partially submerged.

Motor Specifications
Single Phase – 230 V, Three Phase – 400 V
50 Hz, 2850 RPM
Dry Motor

All applications of pumping and draining effluent, civil and industrial sewage with suspended solids.
Pumping stations with one or more pumps for civil and industrial plants.